Dr. Jordan Rullo provides evidence based individual and couples therapy. Your first session will involve a thorough assessment, after which Dr. Rullo will work with you to outline a treatment plan based on the latest research and evidence.

Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. Rullo treats the following: Low sexual desire, sexual arousal and orgasm difficulties, sexual pain, erectile dysfunction, early (premature) ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation.

Sexual Relationship Difficulties

Dr. Rullo treats the following: Discovery of an affair, sexual desire discrepancy (different levels of desire in your relationship), infertility and negotiating a healthy sexual relationship in the context of chronic illness.

Cancer and Sexual Health

Dr. Rullo can help you prepare for sexual health changes that may happen as a result of cancer treatment, develop a new sexual normal during cancer survivorship, and cope with body image changes after cancer treatment.

Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Due to a lack of research, there is no evidence based treatment for OCSB. My approach to treatment is not shame-based, with the goal of treatment being to stop out of control behaviors and develop a healthy sexuality.

Transgender Health

Dr. Rullo’s treatment follows the WPATH Standards of Care. She provides guidance in gender exploration and living life as your authentic self, assessment and guidance for hormone therapy and surgical intervention, and pre- and post-surgical assessment to maximize treatment outcomes.