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What is Sex Addiction?
October 14, 2018

What is sex addiction? Addiction is a disease. Thus, sex addiction is classified as a disease. There simply has not been…

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What is a sex therapist?
May 31, 2018

What is a sex therapist? When I tell people what I do for a living, I often get responses of surprise…

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How do I find a sex therapist in Utah?
May 21, 2018

Finding a therapist is difficult enough, let alone finding a sex therapist! Here are few things you need to know that…

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Can’t orgasm with vaginal penetration? You’re not broken.
May 16, 2018

There are TONS of misconceptions about sexual health. Let’s start with orgasm. Most clients I work with are under the assumption…

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People often ask, “Why do you specialize in sex therapy?”
July 16, 2017

A psychologist specializing in sex therapy was NOT what I planned to be when I grew up. I wanted to work…

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