I recently finished writing and filming a 6-day course for Flo (a women’s health app: @flotracker) on Mastering Your Orgasm!

It was a ton of fun diving into the latest orgasm research and putting the information into bite- sized videos. The best part of this course is that it teaches women from around the world to have better orgasms! It was also a natural fit for me, given that one of my more recent published articles is all about the benefits of genital vibration (one of which is, no surprise, orgasm!).

In this course, you’ll learn some great tips and tricks to have an orgasm (like how your brain is your most powerful orgasm organ). And you’ll learn how to have better orgasms with yourself and with a partner.

If you’re wanting to have mastery of your orgasm, check out the course on Flo (here’s a teaser)!

*Full disclosure: I was paid to do this course for Flo, so I’m biased in my review. . . and I do think this is a really great course!