Conversations with my Therapist

I recently had the pleasure to meet with Josh Miller and Clark Aegerter for their new podcast, Conversations with My Therapist. Josh is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Mapleton, Utah and Clark is a videographer and overall creative in Lehi, Utah.

Clark came up with the idea for this podcast after realizing the importance of therapy and, simultaneously, the difficulty of finding a good therapist (and of even understanding how therapy works). This podcast is designed to take the mystery out of therapy, introduce the listener to therapists with different specialties (like sex therapy!), and answer some of the most common questions people have for therapists.

In this episode, I share the difference between spontaneous and receptive desire, explain the dual control model, and describe how having a lion in the bedroom causes erectile and orgasm difficulties. I also share sensate focus exercises, which are evidence-based exercises to get that lion out of the bedroom and create a sexual scenario that has no pressure, no expectations, and no demand.

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