Videos and Presentations

Dr. Jordan Rullo discusses antidepressants and sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Jordan Rullo talks about body image and the airbrush, including steps to develop a healthy body image.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Barbie gets a Makeover. Dr. Jordan Rullo talks about the Barbie’s body makeover.

Dr. Jordan Rullo talks about developing a New Year’s resolution on intimacy.

Dr. Jordan Rullo discusses how to navigate chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and sexual health at the Bateman Horne Center October 2018 Education Meeting. This is an hour long presentation.

Dr. Jordan Rullo discusses low sexual desire.

Dr. Jordan Rullo discusses women’s sexual pain.

Dr. Jordan Rullo discusses sexual health after transplant at the 2018 Celebrating a Second Chance at Life Survivorship Symposium. This is an hour long presentation.

Drs. Jordan Rullo and Stephanie Faubion discuss sexual health and menopause concerns for cancer survivors at Mary Greeley Medical Center in 2015. This is an hour long presentation.

Radio & Podcasts


Minnesota Monthly: Decreased Sexual Desire in Women

Decreased Sexual Desire in Women: It’s the most common sexual health concern among women, and a new Mayo Clinic study aims to help. Minnesota Monthly interviewed Dr. Jordan Rullo about her Mayo Clinic Sex SMART study.

Post Bulletin: Honeymoon Over?

Honeymoon over? Could be state of mind. Post Bulletin interviewed Dr. Jordan Rullo for The Chat.

Post Bulletin: Sexual Satisfaction in Menopause

Be sexually satisfied in menopause. Post Bulletin interviewed Dr. Jordan Rullo for The Chat.

Huffington Post Blog: Women’s Holiday Stress

Women’s Holiday Stress: Is the way I’m doing the holidays working for me? Drs. Jordan Rullo and Stephanie Faubion write about celebrating the holidays based on values in The Huffington Post Blog.

The New England Journal of Medicine Watch: Addressing the Lifetime Healthcare Needs of Lesbian Patients

Creating an inclusive, nonjudgmental healthcare environment can improve patient-centered care for lesbian women.

Huffington Post Blog: New Year, New Intimacy

New Year: New Intimacy, Drs. Jordan Rullo and Stephanie Faubion write about making a New Year’s resolution to develop greater intimacy in The Huffington Post Blog

Huffington Post Blog: Body Image and the Airbrush

Drs. Jordan Rullo and Stephanie Faubion write about Body Image and the Airbrush in The Huffington Post Blog

Broadly: There’s No Wrong Way to Use a Vibrator

According to a new paper published in Sexual and Relationship Therapy, there are several factors a person should consider when trying to decide what kind of vibrator to purchase.

JNCCN: Sexual Health Is Paramount in the Counseling of Women at Risk for Breast or Ovarian Cancer Undergoing Risk-Reducing Surgery

The greatest predictor of sexual dissatisfaction after risk-reducing salpingo oophorectomy is sexual dysfunction.

Coping with Cancer Magazine: How to Own Your Sexuality in the Face of Cancer

Cancer treatment may change your sexual function. But one thing it can’t do is take away your sexuality.

If you view pornography a lot, does that make you an addict?

At least once a month Jordan Rullo has someone come into her Salt Lake City counseling office emphatically stating they’re a porn addict.

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