Dr. Jordan Rullo provides evidence based individual and couples therapy. Your first session will involve a thorough assessment, after which Dr. Rullo will work with you to outline a treatment plan based on the latest research and evidence.

Currently, the 5-7 month waitlist for therapy is by referral only. Click here for more information.

Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. Rullo treats the following: Low sexual desire, sexual arousal and orgasm difficulties, sexual pain, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, early (premature) ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation.

Sexual Relationship Difficulties

Dr. Rullo treats all sexual health concerns that impact the couple, with the couple. Treatment for sexual health issues is most effective when all those who are involved/impacted engage in treatment. If you don’t have a partner, there’s still much that can be done to treat a sexual health issue and prepare you for a future partner. 

Cancer and Sexual Health

Dr. Rullo can help you prepare for sexual health changes that may happen as a result of cancer treatment, develop a new sexual normal during cancer survivorship, and cope with body image changes after cancer treatment.

Third-Party Reproduction Assessments

Dr. Rullo conducts third-party reproduction assessments for gamete donors, gestational carriers and intended parents in adherence with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines. Assessments include a clinical interview and MMPI-2 testing. She is a member of ASRM and their Mental Health Professional Group. Please contact Dr. Rullo for availability and pricing.

Supervision and Consultation

Dr. Rullo is an AASECT Supervisor-in-Supervision and currently provides supervision for those working toward AASECT Sex Therapy certification. She was the Chair of the AASECT Sex Therapy Certification Committee from 2018-2020 and is well informed on the process of obtaining certification. Dr. Rullo also provides professional case consultation for clinicians regarding sexual health and transgender health.

Presentations and Workshops

Dr. Rullo has presented nationally and internationally on sexual health, gender health, and couples communication and intimacy. Her presentations and workshops are evidence-based, and with her background in improv, they are always engaging and entertaining. Contact Dr. Rullo for availability and pricing. For a list of presentations by Dr. Rullo, click here.

Transgender Health

Dr. Rullo’s treatment follows the WPATH Standards of Care. She provides guidance in gender exploration and living life as your authentic self, assessment and guidance for hormone therapy and surgical intervention, and pre- and post-surgical assessment to maximize treatment outcomes.

Utah AASECT Chapter

Dr. Rullo leads the Utah AASECT Chapter. If you are a current or aspiring sex therapist and would like to be informed of upcoming CE and social events, please email Dr. Rullo to be added to the local AASECT listserve. 

If you’ve recently attended a Utah AASECT Chapter event and would like to request AASECT CE credits, please complete this CE questionnaire: 8.12.21 – Utah AASECT Chapter In-Service Program Evaluation and CEU Form.